Welcome to Our SENTRY24NVR product

EMSTONE based in Korea presents a full list for IP NVR products. All products support full frame rate of full HD (1080p) images. Furthermore, SENTRY24NVR using LINUX and X-WINDOWS provides full network features to be integrated easily on any business and enterprise network environment.


  • Full HD (1920x1080) Frame Rate
  • Pentaplex Operation: Live / Playback / Record / Network / Backup
  • Linux & X-Windows with 3D GUI by OpenGL
  • Standard Video Protocol Support: ONVIF, RTSP
  • Video Codec: H.264, Audio Codec: ADPCM
  • Operating System in mSATA/DoM
  • Comprehensive SDK Support
  • CMS (Windows, Linux), Web Viewer, Smartphone App for iPhone or Android
  • Multi-language Support
  • Video Analytics, eSATA, RAID, Dual LAN, and SAN (hardware options)

We are a software development company specializing on IP video solutions for a LINUX platform for more than a decade. Any IP video custom solutions are one of our unique specialties. For a small integration project, you can build your own SENTRY24NVR onto a choice of INTEL based architecture including HASWELL to fulfill your customerís need. Please contact us at our contact page on any information, questions, or trial of our SENTRY24NVR software and product.

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