Sentry24NVR Application Features

Sentry24NVR has been built by Linux and X-Windows with 3D by OpenGL and optimized effectively for a better video performance.

Input Channel Support & Performance

The software supports 4ch, 9ch, 16ch, 25ch, 32ch, 49ch, 64ch, 81ch, and 100ch.

Live/Searchmax 1080 fps for full HD, or max 3000 fps for D1
Recordingmax 1080 fps for full HD, max 1920 fps for HD, or max 3000 fps for D1
max Image SizeFull HD(1920x1080) for 36 channels, HD(1280x720) for 64 channels, D1(720x480) for 100 channels

Supported Operating Mode

The software supports simultaneous pentaplex operation: Live, Recording, Playback, Network, and Backup.

Decompression AlgorithmH.264 for video, ADPCM for audio
Recording ModeContinuous, Schedule, Sensor-activated & motion-detected, Pre-Alarm, and Post-Alarm

Network Features

The software supports many network features which are required to manage and synchronize with IP cameras.

IP addressStatic, DHCP, and DDNS
NetworkNetwork Traffic Shaping, File Sharing, SSH remote, Web Browser connection
Time SynchronizationNTP server and NTP client service

Playback & Backup

SpeedForward: x1, x2, x4, x8, x1/4, x1/2; Step Forward, Step Backward
SearchSearch by Date and Time
Backup DeviceUSB Flash Memory, HDD, DVD-RW, NETWORK BY CMS
Backup File FormatAVI format with viewer player

Clients and Viewer

CMSWindows or Linux Platform
Web ViewerIE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari compatible
Smartphone AppsiPhone or Android
CMS PhoneApp